About The CBG Gurus

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Our Mission

TheCBGGurus was built around the belief that premium-quality craft hemp products can be manufactured sustainably, in alignment with nature. This is why our crop is certified organic to USDA national certifying standards. We use no-till permaculture to enrich the soil’s quality, structure, and population of living inhabitants. Additionally, we implement Korean Natural Farming, methods which combine ancient farming practices with modern science, allowing for the sustainable and abundant cultivation of crops worldwide. In accordance with this system, local beneficial soil life is harvested, propagated, and used as a top dress to enhance soil biodiversity. Meanwhile, plant and animal ingredients sourced locally are transformed into plant-available nutrients, applied via foliar maintenance spray. Rainwater collection is used as supplemental irrigation to aggrandize our overall sustainability. Solventless extraction ensures our products are of the utmost purity, and made without harmful chemical byproducts. Further, we have partnered with Calyx Containers to impliment a new standard in packaging for our industry, considering both the environment and the consumer. The synergy of these methods, our blood, sweat and tears, and a whole lot of love for our plants evolves into TheCBGGurus sustainable, artisinal hemp products.

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If you have any questions about our products or inquires about B2B services please feel free to reach out:

Email: info@theCBGgurus.com

Phone: 860-921-1466

Business hours: Monday-Friday 9-5