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Solventless Extraction

In the cannabis industry, ice-water extraction is considered to be a form of solventless, mechanical extraction. Freshly harvested and frozen (fresh frozen) or dry material can be used for ice-water extraction. Higher quality starting material will yield better and create a more desierable final product. As the saying goes: fire in, fire out.

The idea behind ice-water extraction is to separate the trichomes (the glands on the surface of the plant that accumulate cannabinoids, terpenes, and other desirable secondary metabolites) from the remainder of the flower material.  This separation occurs by first combining plant material with ice-cooled water. Then, allowing the extractor to vortex the water for a desired period of time and number of cycles at a selected RPM. The system being as close to freezing temperatures as possible causes the trichomes to be fragile and easily separate from the flower with agitation.

Separation of the extract from the water occurs in-between every cycle when the water is drained from the extractor through filters of different porosities (measured in microns (μ)). Often the 25-220μ range is saved, while anything over 220μ is discarded as this is where any plant material eluded from the extractor in the draining process accumulates. After all of the water has drained it is pumped back up into the extractor and the next cycle is initiated. Once separated, the extract, named ice-water hash or bubble hash, is frozen and dried via lyophilization (freeze-drying), sieved to homogenize, and stored at freezing temperatures to preserve the quality: flavor, color, smell, & chemical composition of the extract.

Rosin pressing is another form of solventless, mechanical extraction which uses heat and pressure to extract the semi-liquid resin from the plant material. Dry flower or bubble hash can be used in this extraction process.  

Solventless extraction ensures a clean, safe process while creating products that are of the utmost quality & purity, made without harmful chemical byproducts.

We offer extraction/manufacturing services to select business partners who can supply appropriate hemp licensing. Contact us with inquiries and to discuss how we can help you make a cleaner, healthier, higher-quality extract. 

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