The Team

Shawn Magill

Co-Founder, CEO

Shawn is a forward-thinker and strategist who loves to build & create. He emphasizes teamwork and motivating everyone to be the best version of themselves. At Northern Michigan University he graduated with a bachelors of science in Medicinal Plant Chemistry on the entrepreneurial track. As a medicinal plant chemist he found his love for all plants. In realizing the power of plants he discovered his calling to make the best plant medicine possible using cannabis, one of the most sophisticated plants on earth. Sustainability and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with mother nature is of utmost importance for Shawn. Some of Shawn’s favorite pass-times include days on the boat, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, mushroom hunting, gardening, and spending time with friends & family.

Jacob Honig

Co-Founder, CFO

Jacob is a Jack-of-All Trades; equal parts entrepreneur, farmer, and hashishin. He is a graduate of The Elliott School of International Affairs and a 2019 USIBA National Collegiate boxing champion. Following his longtime passion for cannabis, he discovered a newfound passion for regenerative farming and hemp sustainability. His favorite pastimes include learning new things, playing ukulele for the ladies out in the field, and holding the bubble bag while Shawn scoops massive spoonfuls of hash. Although his Organic Chemistry and handyness with a sawzall remain wanting, Jacob can hang with Shawn on his snowboard.