Cho Global Natural Farming, SARRA India

Published: 2015

Overview: “Natural Farming is an innovative new method of farming that utilizes nature’s powers for maximum performance rather than human intervention. Natural Farming uses natural materials instead of chemicals as its unique inputs. Materials are locally available and cheap, and the farming inputs are made by the farmers instead of being purchased from the market; thus lowering cost for the farmers and converting waste into resources. It does not use herbicide, pesticide, antibiotic, hormones or other artificial chemicals. It also does not till the land with machines. Natural Farming is practiced in over twenty countries, recognized of its strength to produce more at less cost. Being “farmer-friendly,” it is also being used as a tool to improve the living of the poor farmers in the world.”

  • By Cho Han Kyu

This webpage provides a wealth of information on natural farming including explanations of the theory behind natural farming, recipes for & information on KNF inputs, an exploration into how to use different inputs at different stages of the plant life cycle, how natural farming can be applied to animal husbandry, and much more.