As we begin to roll out products at the beginning of 2022, we would like to share TheCBGGurus origin story, reflecting on the true beginnings of this hemp farm.


It all started back in late middle school when Jake & Shawn were introduced to each other through a mutual best friend Colleen and by playing lacrosse together. The friendship was really ignited when the Honig family moved to Harwinton giving the duo many more opportunities to spend time together.

Throughout high school their bond became much stronger through fall adventures at Bull Pond, winters spent teaching snowboarding and tearing up the slopes at Ski Butternut, springs spent on the tennis court, eventually captaining the team together, and the countless epic memories that were forged. As with all relationships there have been ups and downs over the years, but these have only strengthened the bond of this dynamic duo whose mantra became, “Bros for life.”

Weaved within all of these memories, Shawn & Jake began to discover their love & passion for the cannabis plant and all of its amazing potential. At this point the first dreams of owning a cannabis farm were hatched, however far-fetched they may have seemed. So, they parted ways for college, to continue down the path which they’d been lead.

Jake left home for DC to study International Affairs, graduating from The George Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree. Shawn began his college journey at Rider University studying Biology on the pre-med track and as a diver on their division 1 swim team. After quickly realizing this wasn’t the path meant for him, Shawn decided to apply to a brand-new program which he discovered by reading an online news article: Medicinal Plant Chemistry at Northern Michigan University.

A few months after applying, Shawn began his journey to a place that was totally foreign to him, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. His life was flipped totally upside down based on a whim to apply to a far-away school and chase far-fetched dreams, and a calling from the cannabis plant to learn as much about it as possible, and to maximize its potential. This all wouldn’t have been possible without all that was learned on this life-changing adventure to the Upper Peninsula.

Heading into senior year, in the midst of an insane global pandemic, the boys were brought back together for a summer. Realizing the path in life they wanted to take, Jake and Shawn began hashing out what it would really take to create their own company where they could work with cannabis. Attempting to create a unique, influential brand, and taking a deep dive, TheCBGGurus, LLC was born July 27th, 2020.

Over the next year, with the added time from classes being online or school from home in Jake’s case, the plan was molded and fashioned through continuous research. Combining knowledge from a broad range of disciplines while continuing to learn, they began to bring their dream to life.

Through countless hours of thought and labor, they manifested what became TheCBGGurus certified organic, no-till, permaculture hemp farm and Clean Green Certified hashishery & hemp manufacturing facility. The aim of this project is to be sustainable in all aspects of the operation while perfecting the ability to grow the highest quality hemp and manufacture the best products possible.